The value of collaboration for the Nixarian Foundation

The Nixarian Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination and research of vulvar lichen sclerosus and other similar vulvar diseases, reached last February 15, 2022 a collaboration agreement with the medical team responsible for offering in Spain the
Liquenia Treatment ©.

The importance of this agreement for the Nixarian Foundation lies in the fact that, through this collaboration, the Foundation will receive donations for 2% of the turnover of the Liquenia Treatments performed during the year. This represents an important source of income for the organization that will allow it to continue and increase its outreach and research work with the ultimate goal of helping more women affected by vulvar lichen sclerosus.

Benefits for patients

Vulvar lichen sclerosus is a little known disease that affects a large number of women of all ages. In most cases, the disease is not correctly diagnosed, so affected women do not receive proper treatment, which can lead to serious complications such as vulvar cancer.

This collaboration agreement will help the Nixarian Foundation reach more affected women and therefore improve the detection, diagnosis and treatment of vulvar lichen sclerosus. In addition, the Liquenia Treatment is one of the most effective for the treatment of this disease, so patients will be able to benefit directly from a high quality treatment and at the same time contribute to an altruistic cause.

The importance of research

The signing of this collaboration agreement will also enable the Nixarian Foundation to fund new research on vulvar lichen sclerosus, which will contribute to the advancement of the understanding and treatment of the disease. The organization will be able to launch medical studies, identify biomarkers of the disease, compare different treatments and conduct clinical trials to improve the quality of life of affected women.

The Nixarian Foundation continues to seek new agreements

The Nixarian Foundation aims to continue working in collaboration with key players in the pharmaceutical industry and more specifically in regenerative medicine in order to be able to help more women affected by vulvar lichen sclerosus. The organization continues to seek new agreements that will allow it to increase its research and outreach capacity in order to improve detection, make earlier diagnoses and provide Liquenia treatment to more women at risk of social exclusion who suffer from this disease.

In conclusion, the collaboration agreement signed between the Nixarian Foundation and the medical team responsible for the Liquenia Treatment is an important step towards improving the situation of women affected by vulvar lichen sclerosus. This agreement will contribute to the funding of new research, improve the detection, diagnosis and treatment of the disease and directly benefit users who will be able to access high-quality treatments.