Book on Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus Vulvae

This is the first book published in Spanish on Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus. It is a practical guide to learn more about this disease.

The author, Dr. Patricia Gutiérrez Ontalvilla, wrote it with both her fellow physicians and her patients in mind.

To do so, he uses a language that is simple to understand but scientifically rigorous.

Book: TENGO LIQUEN ESCLEROSO VULVAR. WHAT DO I DO NOW? Dr. Patricia Gutiérrez Ontalvilla, PhD Monograph on Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus. Guide to current treatments.




Monograph on Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus. Guide to current treatments.


Dr. Patricia Gutiérrez Ontalvilla, PhD MD


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Note: Dr. Gutiérrez did not receive any payment for the production of this book and is donating 100% of the book’s profits to the Nixarian Foundation.



This book, the first monograph on lichen sclerosus vulvae, describes this pathology and offers the reader (patient, medical specialist in primary care, dermatology, gynecology) the most current guidelines for diagnosis, follow-up and treatment.

Note: The author has donated 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this book to the Nixarian Foundation to contribute to the dissemination, research and treatment of Lichen Sclerosus Vulvae.


    • Editorial . Aula Magna Key Project McGraw Hill (May 25, 2021)
    • Language . Spanish
    • Soft cover . 92 pages
    • ISBN-10 . 8418392991
    • ISBN-13 . 978-8418392993
    • Product weight : 136 g


Patricia Gutiérrez Ontalvilla, graduated in medicine and surgery from the University of Navarra in 1998 with honors.

Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery since 2004. Specialist in the Pediatric Plastic Surgery Unit at Hospital Universitario La Fe in Valencia, Spain from 2004 to 2020.

Doctor of Medicine from the University of Valencia with Excellent Cum Laude, 2020.

Assistant National Secretary for Spain of the International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) since 2017.

Regular international speaker with works related to adipose tissue in reconstructive surgery.

Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus

Vulvar lichen sclerosus (VSD) is a chronic inflammatory disease with a predilection for the anogenital region.

The cause of lichen sclerosus vulvae is unknown and is probably multifactorial, although an autoimmune mechanism is increasingly advocated due to its association with such diseases in 21-28% of cases and the presence of circulating antibodies against an extracellular matrix protein.

The prevalence is unknown, but it is more frequent than is thought, reaching 3% of the female population, according to some studies.

The most frequent location is the vulvar and perianal area in the shape of an eight. The symptoms most commonly reported by patients are severe pruritus (itching) and pain which may produce dysuria (painful urination), dyspareunia (pain with sexual intercourse) or pain during defecation. When the disease is severe and advanced, there is a loss of labia minora, burial of the clitoris and a narrowing of the introitus, which makes sexual intercourse impossible.

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