Requirements to receive the Liquenia Treatment

Service provided through the Nixarian Foundation

One of the purposes of the Nixarian Foundation is to offer the
Liquenia Treatment
to women who cannot afford this treatment.
To this end, the Nixarian Foundation has established minimum requirements that applicants must meet in order to be eligible to receive the Liquenia Treatment free of charge.

These minimum requirements are:

  • Having been diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosus Vulvae
  • Be of legal age (or have the authorization of a parent or legal guardian).
  • Covid-19 vaccination schedule complete at the time of application
  • More than 1 year of legal residence in Spain.
  • Be registered as a job seeker (or be below the at-risk-of-poverty line).

In addition to this documentation, the following must be provided:

  • Status certificate (SEPE)
  • IRPF (Last 3 fiscal years) o Negative income tax certificate
  • If you are in charge of elderly/minors
  • Handicaps

It will be necessary to provide the documentation that accredits all the above as well as any other documentation that accredits having applied for other benefits to which you may be entitled.

The Nixarian Foundation uses part of its resources to pay for the Liquenia Treatment for these patients, so we depend directly on our economic capacity and therefore the Board of Trustees must study each case to ensure that we use these funds correctly, please try to provide as much documentation as you have.

Do you think you meet the requirements?

Contact with us

If you believe you meet all of these requirements, you can request a review of your situation so that the Nixarian Foundation Board of Trustees can study your case through this
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