Clinic of Regenerative Intimate Surgery and Procedures

Become an expert in the treatment of vulvar lichen sclerosus with stem cells!

Discover the revolutionary Liquenia® Treatment in the operating room.

Maximize your skills and knowledge by attending the only in-office clinic designed to learn in detail about the Lichenoid Treatment applied to patients with lichen sclerosus.

Join the creator of the Liquenia® Treatment and get unique hands-on training with a live patient. You will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to provide your patients with the most advanced Liquenia® Treatment backed by regenerative science.

Offer your patients the best treatment available, backed by regenerative medicine and scientifically proven.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to advance your private career, build patient loyalty and satisfy those who are looking for the most cutting-edge and scientifically proven techniques!

Become a specialist in the treatment of lichen sclerosus through regenerative medicine. Learn how to treat lichen sclerosus by applying innovative stem cells derived from your own patients’ fat.

In addition, after completing the course, you will be included in the map of experts in lichen sclerosus of the
(Lichen Sclerosus Unit of Spain), allowing patients to find you with a single click.

Don’t let this unique opportunity pass you by!

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100% face-to-face with real patients.

Practical clinic in the operating room.

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The clinic attendees will receive practical training to apply the Liquenia Treatment in their private practice once the training is completed.


Training in the operating room with a real patient.

Approximate duration: 90 minutes.

Inclusion during 12 months as an accredited professional in the portal

Limited Capacity

Since this is a practical training in the operating room, the capacity is limited to the space available.

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The Nixarian Foundation will evaluate each candidate based on the data provided with the objective of training those who best fit the foundation’s divulgation objective.